Fitness Room Release Form

Fitness Room Release Form

The Fitness Room is located in Greentree Five. Tenants of Greentree Five are required to complete this waiver in full in order to gain access to the Fitness Room.

Terms and Conditions

I agree to assume the risk of any and all accidents or injuries of any kind, which may be sustained by reason of or in connection with my use of the Fitness Room Facility. I release, discharge and absolve Tequesta Properties, Inc., Greentree Five, LLC and their respective partners, directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all loss, cost liability, expense or responsibility arising from any claim for damages on account of personal injury(ies) including death, or damage(s) to property in any way relating to the use of the Fitness Room Facility, except if such claim is the result of the gross negligence of Tequesta Properties, Inc. and Greentree V, LLC., in which event this release shall only apply to the non-negligent parties.

I understand that the lockers located in the shower rooms are for my use when and only when I am utilizing the facility. I will not leave my belongings in lockers at any other time.

The Fitness Room is provided for the tenants of Five Greentree Centre and their employees only. Guests are not permitted. Violation of this restriction will result in an immediate termination of my rights to use the Fitness Room. I agree that I am responsible for any claims and damages for injury, damage or loss to any persons I bring to the Fitness Room in violation of this restriction and ill indemnify and defend against any and all such claims or damages.

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